Virtual Race Platform for Race Directors

how to create a virtual race with AccuRun

AccuRun allows race directors to create virtual races for runners.

Thousands of races are in danger of disappearing as a result of COVID-19. Social distancing cancelled most races in 2020 and, with no end in site and large races like those offered by Disney going virtual for 2021, there is a very real possibility that races for 2021 will be cancelled or at least participation drastically reduced. Of course, some big races can survive not running for a few years but most cannot. This is very bad news for race organizers and runners, but particularly devastating to the charities that rely on race sponsorship and people they serve.

Preserve your Race

This is where AccuRun steps in. AccuRun was designed to not only make sure that all of the 5K, 10K, Half and Full Marathons survive the next year but to also help them grow virtually. While AccuRun cannot replace the feel of thousands of runners at the starting line, it is the next best option with the following features:

  • Race directors can easily create races and invite participants
  • Participants accept race invitations and download the AccuRun app
  • Race directors may add event logos and rotating sponsor info for participants to view on the app
  • Once the race starts, runners use the AccuRun app to track progress and automatically submit results
  • GPS data is used to accurately record runner progress while device biometrics are used to verify the results. If allowed by the race director, results can also be submitted manually
  • During race, participants receive audio and visual feedback of progress and position
  • Race results leaderboards are updated in real-time throughout the race
  • If desired, the race director can set “training races” for participants to test software and prep for the actual running event

Expand your Reach

Running is a not just a means of fitness, it is also a way to stay connected with friends, family, and the community. AccuRun was designed to make accurate, validated virtual racing possible and, as a result, it allows races to continue in 2021. However, this is only the beginning for AccuRun; its further mission is to expand the reach of these races beyond local, geographic boundaries and help people around the world run together, while apart.