Free Virtual Thanksgiving Day Race Offer

running in a virtual race

All Thanksgiving Day race directors can now create a free virtual turkey trot!

According to the New York Times, in a normal year, there are over 1000 Thanksgiving Days races in the U.S. Unfortunately, we are not in a normal year and COVID-19 has eliminated or greatly reduced participation in most of these events. In order to keep the tradition of the Turkey Trot going through the pandemic, AccuRun is offering the use of its game-changing platform that will accurately record and verify virtual race results to race directors and their runners free of charge. Click the following link to register your organization 5K, 10, Marathon or any other race distance.

Click on the following link for a video on creating and managing a virtual race

How To Set Up a Virtual Thanksgiving Day Race

Step 1: Create a race director account

In order to build your turkey trot using the AccuRun platform, you will first need to set up your organization. Click the following link to register your organization. Simply enter a few pieces of information about your organization and create an admin account for your race

Step 2: Set Up a Virtual Race

With AccuRun, creating a virtual race is easy. The race director simply needs click the Create a New Race button and then choose the desired race options such as logo, description, GPS accuracy, validation options, start options, and race distance:

  • To preserve branding, a customized logo can be added to the race
  • A runner-viewable description can be added with race directions and links to outside resources
  • GPS Accuracy can be set high to improve the quality of race results or set low to allow runners with older devices to compete
  • Race results can be validated using device sensors or turned off to allow for manual entry
  • Virtual race may be set to start at a specific date and time or between a selected start and end date
  • The race distance can be set to 5K, 10K, 15K, Half-Marathon, Marathon, 50K, or a custom distance.

Step 3: Invite Runners to Join

Once you have created the race, you will be able to invite runners to join. The Add Participants button gives the Race Director multiple options to invite runners to their race. The most common option is to generate a link and QR code that can be emailed to participants or placed in flyers inviting them to join your race. If a list of runners already exists, the system can be used to bulk-upload multiple user accounts into the AccuRun system using a standard spreadsheet formatted as a csv file.

Runners will need to download the free smartphone apps from the respective app store: Apple App Store or Google Play